Get Access To The Training That Has Helped Thousands Of Quilters Begin Their Longarm Journey

What Is Beginning Longarm Quilting?

Beginning Longarm Quilting is a quilting expert's approach to learning the basics of longarm quilting.

We pull the curtains back on the training used by Myrna Ficken that has helped thousands of quilters start their journey in longarm quilting.

This is done through a two-part hands-on approach led by Myrna that will show you how to get your quilt ready, set up a pantograph and complete your quilt. In the second part, Myrna will show you tools, free motion designs and other tips and tricks.


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"So, How Do You Start Your Longarm Quilting Journey?"

From: Myrna Ficken

Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Dear Aspiring Quilter,

Have a desire to start your journey in longarm quilting?

Here's the secret:

Lack of confidence, knowledge on where to start and listening to advice of multiple instructors are the three biggest roadblocks to becoming a successful longarm quilter.

Through quilting for over 21 years and working with countless beginners we have discovered a glaring problem with the information available to those who have aspirations to start longarm quilting.

Without the right curriculum, most new quilters lack the most important fundamentals.

Truth is... quilting is easy. But, starting with basics that you can build upon to take you to the next level are the most important first steps.

So, what is the bigger picture?

Your ability to create and design more advanced quilting projects depends on how well you establish the basics and fundamentals of quilting.

Would you build a new home on sand?

You spent thousands of dollars on your longarm quilting machine. Whether you intend on quilting for yourself, or making it into a business, you will want to be able to get the most out of your investment.

Fortunately the education and investment you make in learning the fundamentals can expedite your journey to becoming an advanced quilter.

And the best part?

Our training is easy to follow, available on-demand and comes with access to an exclusive group of quilters.

We break down the fundamentals into two easily digestible parts that cover everything you need to know to get started on the right foot.

The Training Revealed In Beginner's Longarm Quilting Program Is Easy To Understand And Implement From The Comfort Of Home

The tremendous impact this training has had on countless quilters inspired us.

After years of working with beginners and thousands of success stories we knew it was time...

We decided to make Beginners Longarm Quilting available to the public.

Beginning Longarm Quilting

How To Drastically Improve Your Quilting Fundamentals In One Convenient Program

Inside we'll share with you exactly what it takes to lay the foundations of longarm quilting.

If you're a beginner or someone looking to better establish their quilting skills... and you'd like to expedite your journey to advanced quilting... this program is for you.

Order Beginning Longarm Quilting Program for Only $49.95!

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